Adults preparing to become Catholics participate in a faith formation program that lasts, depending on needs, from six months to over a year.  They normally celebrate the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil.  Contact: rectory


Children are enrolled in a faith formation program for at least two years either in the Parish School or the Religious Education Program on Sundays, in preparation for the Sacraments at Easter time.  Parents and families are involved in this process, known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC).  

Requirements for registering:

Copy of Baptismal Certificate (If child is new to program)

Copy of Report card or letter from former Parish (If student is transferring from another parish program)

Yearly Fees (To be paid when registering)


$100 = One child

$150 = Two or more children

$ 70 for Kindergarten


CLICK HERE to print a registration form


Placement into level is as follows:

Children who are baptized and are 6 years old (first grade in public school) will be placed in level 1.

Children who are 7 years old or older and who are baptized, and are entering the program for the first time will be enrolled in the Introduction to Faith class. The student’s comprehension of our faith will determine when the child is ready for the next grade level.

Any child transferring from another Religious Education program will need to bring a letter or report card from that parish in order to be placed in the correct level.

Children who are 8 years old and are not baptized will be enrolled in a three year program (RCIC) Rite of Christian Initiation for Children.

Children who are in High School and are missing any Sacrament will be placed in the (RCIA) Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.

Incarnation Roman Catholic Church

Office of Religious Education

89-43 Francis Lewis Boulevard, Queens Village, NY  11427

718-465-8534 X 23


September 15, 2017


Dear Parents/Guardians for school:

      We are happy to work with you in this 2017-2018 academic year in the Religious Ed to bring your children to a renewed relationship with God through their community/parish involvement.

     We invite you and your children to participate at the Sunday 10:30 liturgy mostly when your children’s grades are assisting at Mass as indicated on the calendar below.  Students will be responsible to proclaim the readings, read the intercessions, present the gifts, and serve as ushers.

     If you have any questions, suggestions, and/or concerns, do not hesitate to call us.

            September 21  Confirmation Retreat (conf.)  - Thursday 9 am to 2 pm

            September 24  General opening meeting with all parents9:15 am Auditorium

            October 21      First Communion & Confirmation #I Meeting  - 4:15 pm church

            October 22      Confirmation Class assists at Mass

            October 24      Tuesday Spirit Night (receiving Confirmation in Nov) 7:30 pm-church

            October 29      Level 8 class assists at Mass

            November 5    Level 7 class assists at Mass

            November 7    Confirmation practice – Tuesday 7:00pm 

            November 8    Confirmation practice – Wednesday 7:00 pm

            November 9    Sacrament of Confirmation – Thursday 4 pm

            November 19  Parent Meeting for those to be confirmed 2018 – 9:15 am

                                                Commitment mass for Confirmandi

            December 2    First Communion & Confirmation #2 Meeting-Saturday 4:15 pm church

            December 3     Level 6 assists at Mass

            December 9     Christmas Pageant Rehearsal – Saturday 11 am at church

            December 10   Level 5 class assists at Mass  

            December 16   Pageant practice – Saturday 11 am in Church

            December 24  Christmas Pageant – Saturday 5 pm Mass



            January 7         Level 4 class assists at Mass

            January 21       Level 3 class assists at Mass

            January 28       Level 8 class assists at Mass

            February 4       Levels 7 and 2 assist at Mass

            February 25     Level 5 class assists at Mass

            March  3          First Communion & Confirmation #3 MeetingSaturday 4:15 pm church

            March 4           Level 6 Class assists at Mass

            March 17         Sacrament of Reconciliation – Saturday 11 am church

            March 18         Level 4 class assists at Mass

            April 21            First Communion & Confirmation #4 Meeting Saturday 4:15 pm church

            May 2              Practice for First Holy Communion – Wednesday 4:30 pm church

            May 5              First Communion Retreat Day – Saturday 2:00 pm church

            May 9              Practice for First Holy Communion – Wednesday 4:30 pm church

            May 12            Sacrament of First Holy Communion – Saturday – 11:00 am